This Rich S Ugar Mummy In USA Urgently Need A Serious Relationship

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This Shugar Mummy who owns a large scale business across Europe is seeking to meet an open-minded person who will be good to her. She needs a man who is r0mantic but not sappy. She needs a man that finds the fun in any situation and can share a good laugh with her.


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She is ready to spend on you to ensure you live comfortably. She will also sponsor your Flight and Visa Fees to come over to the United State to be with her.

To this date this Suhgar Mummy, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;
My name is Diana Hinton from the United State. I was put on here by a good friend who lives in New York, she moved there to live with her husband and they have kids. She only introduced me to this dating site to give myself a try. So I am new here and trying to make friends then get to know someone who is very serious, willing and ready to have a serious long term relationship with me. I love my dog for his unconditional loyalty and bravery; he’d follow me to the ends of the earth. I’m a hockey freak. I travel as much as possible; back country hiking, the beach, scuba diving and the old world towns of Europe. Tomatoes, dark chocolate and coffee ice cream are delicious. I’m thankful for my family and blessed overall. I paint, am writing a novel and absolutely love life. Anywhere as long as it’s with great company. I’m a person who enjoys simple pleasures in life and love. I like spending quality time alone, but it would be great if I could also spend it with someone I’d love for the rest of my life. Would you be that someone?

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

  1. nelson mukota says

    Hey actions are better than words give me chance to prove myself, am serious WhatsApp me on +************ or e**** me on nelsonm**ota*@*****.com

  2. Anthony says

    My name is Anthony and I am single and I am interested danger ready to live with you I am from Ghana

  3. John Adzim says

    Am the person you need. I am humble and a good person. Just give me a chance

  4. Irfan says

    i am ready i can do anything for money ************** that’s my number

    1. Muchs says

      Hello Sweet how are you doing today?here i am oky,im looking to some kind girl like you i can make you very happy in this world forever.lets chat my contact is @Anchel** Telegram

  5. meharali2585 says

    Hi dear how are you doing today

  6. Osea says

    I am ready

  7. Abdi said kaib says

    Dear love Miss florence

    Honey, I have spent all day imagining our future together. And, I have to say, it looks brilliant to me. It&#****;s time for us to sit down and seriously plan for our future. I love you and I know you are the woman of my life. I think you too imagine yourself ending your old age by my side. For this reason, I would like to tell you that I am ready.

    I am ready to take the next step. Do you want to get married? Have children ? To move out ? Travel ? Tell me what is your priority and I will do everything in my power to make your wishes come true. Your desires are my orders because, with you, I am the happiest man on earth. I want to have a happy and fulfilled future by your side and for that, my dear, I need you to feel comfortable with the decisions that we make and that you are fulfilled and serene. I love you and can&#****;t wait to embark on a new chapter in our lives.

    Thankyou my Love
    Mr abdi said kaib
    Address : rue de issa maison **th
    Phone munbre : +***********
    Country : Djibouti

  8. Muse says

    I love to meet you my lady

  9. Abdulai Kamara says

    I want to have a very good distant relationship with a sugar mummy. My number is +***********. Interested sugar mummies should message me on whatsapp

  10. Usama says

    I an from pakistan i need a serious realition ship for a long time and become a change marriage whats no ***********

  11. Abdulai Kamara says

    I am ready to be with you till DEATH do us part but I don&#****;t know if you are with a distance relationship till we get the opportunity to meet and get married immediately

  12. Abdulai Kamara says

    Why doesn&#****;t the number indicated on people&#****;s comments be visible instead of *********

  13. Ali says

    I am interested at you. I am available for your smile (friendship), pleasure (caring and sharing), satisfaction (physical need) and happiness (completeness). I live in Germany. I am open to anything. +four nine one five two one seven nine seven seven six one four.

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