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This beautiful sweet lady is heartbroken. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. She is really disappointed. She feels that she is only half of a woman until she meets the one that will make her complete. She needs a man who Doesn’t Cheat. She is ready to support him financially.

This Sugar Mama is a businesswoman. She has no kids and lives alone. She has her own hotel and a villa in Australia. She has a lot of free time. She really likes to travel. She also owns her own house in the United States and in Australia. She hope to find a sincere soul mate and hopes to become a business partner. Money is just a number because she has a lot of money to spend on her man. She doesn’t like a lonely life. She wants someone to enjoy life with her. What love most needs is companionship.


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This beautiful lady doesn’t need a distance relationship. You must be willing to travel to the United State to be with her. The travel papers and finance to get to Texas, the USA to be with her shouldn’t be a problem as she is willing to take care of all that. , so long as he will remain humble and obey all she ask him to do without complains.

hello! Every year I have hundreds of billions of dollars in income. I have my own wine house, stocks, real estate. I’ve spent several years traveling around the world. I’ve met many interesting things, but the only regret is that I want to have a fixed home. I want to find a lover to enjoy a better life together. Would you like to accompany me? Do you love traveling?

I am really in search of a real man that can make love to me and we bear children, don’t worry about money, I’ll take care of everything you need, Please i just want get hooked up to a real man here that won’t dupe me with my money and abandon me, if you know you are real and want us to be together, please drop your contact details. I am looking forward to getting married to a strong and faithful man that can handle me emotionally, I will also want you to come over to this place for marriage, don’t worry about the money I will send you money for the flight and other expenses. I will place my sugar boy on a monthly salary of $10,000, so long as he will remain humble and obey all I ask him to do without complaints.

I’m looking for a man who is willing to love me. Also I would like to find a kind, intelligent and interesting person with a warm heart that can protect me. I want to be a good wife for my man, so I’ll try to make him happy. Maybe we will become a good couple … who knows,) You are an interested person, smart and kind, I always like our communication.

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

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