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Sugar mummy in Ugandan said Hello, i am called Kyla Knowles Nasasira. I am 29yrs old, mixed blood of a Germany mum and a Ugandan daddy, i have be on this platform just to found some one to love.

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

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  1. Ethan Arinaitwe says

    hi switiiiii I like you am ready .see**********

  2. Dwight Carter says

    I want you ********** I need to be inside you every night and day

  3. Tracy White says

    Hi Kyla your pretty, ***y, have a big booty & a nice body! Boo I want you to be my sugar mummy! Boo I need a good woman! I&#****;m from North Carolina. I have no kids. I&#****;m lovable, have a good personality, kind hearted, honest & like to have fun! I&#****;m *&#****;** weight *** brown skin. My name is Tracy. My number is (***)***-****. Boo please call & text me tonight or really soon! Kayla let make this happen!

    1. Masongole David says

      Hmmm. Hello. I want to handle you in a way which shall not get away from your brain easily. Thinking about shall devastate your bra and inwear always🤔

  4. Md. Abu Hasan says

    Please read once. The sky is not you but you are a constant star. You are not the wind, the moon of the sky. You are a wet dew of dew. You are not a mountain, you are a sweet water fountain, hoping to crush the chest of the mountain. You are not a bee, you are the sweet honey of bees. You are not a leaf, you are a newcomer. You are not a petal, you are a ripe fruit. You are not a flower, you are a red rose. Smile not you are the aroma of sweet aroma. I did not recognize you so wrong otherwise beautiful you are a beauty flower. Come on, you&#****;re gonna do it to the outside. One or nine hundred and thousands of people made love to you. Today, this tukuyu will be seen again if you think any day by mistake. Stay this way you are not black deer eyes your eyes took my mind. Not a girl, as you read this one I saw the moon came to my mind. Name Md. Abu Hassan Educational Qualification: HSC: *.** SSC: *.** Age: ** Bangladesh How to be happy with your family. I have with your mood please&#****;..?

  5. Herbert says

    The sun gets entangled in jealousy in the day due to your irresistible charm and beauty and the glow of your skin makes the moon shine less, the stars stand amazement with a daze when you smile, contact me on ******** on+************, you are a queen and every queen needs a kung by her side, let me be your prince charming so that hand in hand nature will bow to us in grace and amazement.

  6. Tracy White says

    Hi Kyla your pretty, ***y, have a nice body & big booty! I want you to be my sugar mummy! I need a good woman in my life! I&#****;m from North Carolina. I have no kids. I&#****;m respectful, have a good, loving caring, faithful, honest & like to have fun. I&#****;m *&#****;** weight *** brown skin with braids. My name is Tracy. My number is (***)***-****. You can contact me, when you get a chance. Kayla I will be waiting!

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