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I have reply your comment with my number, i want to be your sugar mummy ask you said, am 36 years old woman who is looking for a relationship, i believe we can chat as well if you are free, see my number and also fill in the information below so we can know each other better. thank you see her number

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  1. Aliyan says

    I cant find your replay and ur number because of this ficking add site ill leave my number contact me my number is +zero one eight three eight five six one zero nine )

    1. Shakil says


    2. Kelvin says

      Can we chat

    3. Adit says

      You’re from?

  2. Adeola says

    Adeola is my name, **yrs if you give me a chance I&#****;ll make you smile, happy everyday and all the time of your life, semyte_**@*****.*** and +************

  3. Anywhere says

    I can&#****;t see your replies and your number. Can you send your link.

  4. Zuber says


    WELL :- MY QUEEN OF BEAUTIFUL. how was your day ? It&#****;s nice to hear from you. I hope you are having a nice time as for me am cool and lonely. You sound nice and am very glad that I be ***e interested in each other. I do believe that we both have to be open hearts and well. Share our loneliness and love together if takes ***munication trust. Understanding and forgiveness will be made. Misunderstandings will occur but if the foundation is strong enough the relationship will over ***e others barriers.

    SWEETHEART. My name is Zuber from Ethiopia Single no have kids never married. I find very much peace and tranquillity there. Am mentally stable physically fit a bunch of laughs warm. Very loving. Strong in bed .God fearing. Honest. Caring. Have a good sense of humour. I really easy person to talk and good listener. Am a family oriented person and there is more. But if would be better for you to find something&#****;s out for yourself. Am very happy about you and sincere so as to know each other well . I really want BUILD strong foundation of relationship with you from my side. But I want to know your interests and anything else.

    LOVELY believe me I really love you will be filled with substance quality spirituality and potential. I like to kiss and hug and cuddle. I want you to know that I need someone who wants only one women in his arms and I will be faithful to you and be there when you need an ear that listens. Kissing you least expect it. I want you to know that I need someone who believes in the power of friendship and that like anything else. Friendship require work and understanding honest. Faithful caring person for friendship or Marriage my QUEEN LOVE.

    SO HONEY I want you take my addresses from sugar mummy Head Admin and contact me for more we discusses there my Beautiful please or send me your number love.

    ZUBER MOHAM&#****;&#****;&#****;..

  5. Moses olajide says

    +***-********** or +***-********** and my whatsapp number is+***-**********

  6. Asrol says

    Hellomy name wan.i form malaysia. my number watsapp +************

  7. Asrol says

    I like u.. number. +six zero one one three nine two six three nine two seven..

  8. Emmanuel Osong says

    Emmanuel Osong am ** from Nigeria am interested in u too thanks for massaging me my WhatsApp no +************* my e-mail emmanuelosongglobal***pany@*****.***

  9. John Kammoh says

    Hi, your request for me to be your sugar boy has been accepted.

  10. Alfred castorena says

    Hi i am anthony castorena and i would love more than anything to meet you my number is **** ******* please call me i know you and i are a match and i am looking for true love

  11. Prosper says

    Am prosper akolga, am ready to do anything for you
    Please call me on +************

  12. Zuber says

    My name&#****;&#****;&#****;&#****;&#****;. Zuber Mohammed
    MY phone number &E-mail address you can to take from sugar mummy Head Admin my Sweetheart.

    How was your night. Trust had a nice sleep though. My sweet miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life nothing can be ***pared to this feeling of filling up somebody&#****;s life. The excitement which for trues me while waiting for you to ***e messages that keep me awake even when am exhausted to death. Because I would not miss a thing the feeling that you may get know every corner of my heart. All these things are the most beautiful signs of my love for you.


  13. Jacob says

    My name Michael shibambo
    Email shibambomichael@*****.***
    My number. +***********

  14. Thiagaraj Thyagamoorthy says

    I want you
    Pls whatsapp +***********

  15. Richy says

    honey I can&#****;t find your phone number please chat me up on whatsapp with this number +************* please am waiting for your reply today

    1. Richy says

      please email me your number to this email richywhite***@*****.***

  16. Mr franky says

    it&#****;s okay a suger mummy can contact me at +seven,eight,seven,five,eight,five seven
    one six

  17. Atoyegbe Israel says

    But i don&#****;t know how to connect with you, you can add me on Facebook Atoyegbe Israel and WhatsApp number +*************

  18. Atoyegbe Israel says

    I don&#****;t see your number, you can add me on Facebook Atoyegbe Israel and WhatsApp number +*************

  19. anil Kumar says

    If you like me ***e to inbox

  20. Kabiru Ibrahim says

    Kabiru Ibrahim
    Phone number (+*** *** *** *** )
    ( kabiruibrahim****@*****.*** )

    1. kabiru Ibrahim says

      My angel yes it&#****;s true I saw your reply but I can&#****;t see the number you sent. Like you said to know each other better. On facebook my name is ( Kabiru Ibrahim )
      My whatsapp number number ( +*** *** *** *** ) you can use it for direct call
      Here&#****;s my email address ( kabiruibrahim***@*****.*** )

  21. free says

    i am ** years old from Iran
    my whatsapp ***************

  22. Momodu says

    Hi dear my name is momodu I&#****;m from Mali original bot living in Nigeria i am very serious man and very good can satisfy all chat her contact me no what&#****;s app +*************

  23. Kemraj Singh says

    hello please contact me on +************

  24. Huzefa Mithaiwala says

    Hello dear suger mummy am very much interested with your proposal please hook me up am from India and am ** years old and am very honest and hardworking man please message me on my WhatsApp number+*********** I will be waiting for your reply dear bye

  25. Aminul Hoque says

    Aminul Hoque. ***********. aminul****hoque@*****. ***

  26. Aminul Hoque says

    Aminul Hoque. aminul****hoque@*****. *** *********** from Bangladesh.

  27. Dinu says

    I can&#****;t find ur number and reply so this my no eight two six three six two four nine

  28. Tarzan says

    Hello niceness you have an incredible smile, the smile tells it all am interested in charting with yuo. I understand you reply my message with your number but l can&#****;t see your number,like l said am hooked if you are serious and genuine this is my number call me or WhatsApp me +************ am a honesty, Loyal and hardworking man whose of one woman whose of one man,unique style and soft loving man.

  29. rabah soltane says

    hello dear i m interested if accept me to br your lover boy , please do contact me via my email;rabahsoltane@outlook.*** / tel;**************

  30. Dominic says

    Hi love . my name is Dominic , whatsap +************ , email adomin**@*****.***.
    im single from Namibia, I&#****;m interesting you.

  31. BUSULWA FRED says


  32. Asan Kayz says

    Email me on asankanyemba*@*****.***
    Or whatsapp me on +************

  33. David Abbey says


  34. Roy asif says

    Hi dear I really can&#****;t find your ***ment please you contact with me I&#****;m in Malaysia .My number is .. zero one eight two seven for seven eight two three****;s my Malaysian number I really need sugar mummy

  35. Roy asif says

    Can&#****;t find your ***ment please ***e at what&#****;s up baby

  36. Phillimon says

    Am really looking for you my number

  37. Dom I B says

    Edodi ib. *********** edodimail@*****.***

  38. Zeehamd says

    Do u want a serious and strong boy find me o# +*********** live in Pretoria SA am *** cm high and am **yrd

  39. Andrew says

    I can&#****;t find your reply just email me or whatsapp me, zore eight zero eight two six seven seven seven two six or email davisgarth**@*****.***

  40. Lazarus Kivandi says

    My Name&#****;s LAZARUS KIVANDI MB Phone +*** *** *** *** Email Lazaruskivandi***@m*****.***

  41. Sumani iddrisu says

    You can call me or WhatsApp me too on this number +************

  42. Mosho Emmanuel says

    N body in this house? call me am available,(+*************)

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  44. Johnson Momanyi says

    You are so beautiful woman in the world can you give me chance to be with you I love you

  45. Johnson Momanyi says

    I need your number can you give

  46. Joseph says

    Please Esther, I love you, I need your number mine +************

  47. Ashebir says

    My phone number +************ am from Ethiopia am wait you

  48. Hervin says

    Hello my name is Hervin I want to be that husband you are looking for please give me the chance my what&#****;s app number is ********** and my email address is benhervin@*****.*** thank you

  49. Zuber Very Loving says

    HELLO HONEY. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY LOVE. I am very happy about you and sincere so as to know each other well. Please reply me why you ignore me.
    LOVELY:- my name is Zuber Mohammed from Ethiopia Single no have kids never married. Am very ***fortable. Am optimistic and active kind and Honest person with a good sense of humour. Am seeking for a soul mate. Am seeking for open women who is ready for marriage. Am looking for a ***mitted partner who is ready to care and love me. Am a person who has a very strong desire for a series relationship. It&#****;s so great to be together and love i hope.

    SO HONEY if you interests please contact me on my private WhatsApp number plus two five one nine one two six six three three three four. If we are discusses there better chat me now. MY QUEEN LOVE.


  50. Teme konjo says
  51. Daniel Matthew says

    Name: Matthew Daniel

    Phone: +************* (+ Two Three Four Seven Zero Three Seven One One Zero Six Two Seven

    Email: danielmatthew**@*****.***

  52. moses olajide says

    hello my gold thank you for reading my ***ment am really appreciate for this God will you more. my name is moses olasunkanmi olajide and my email address is mosesolajide**@*****.*** my number is +***-********** and my whatsapp number is+***-**********

  53. Shady says

    Hi honey 😘
    I&#****;m shady the one who sugar mummies looking for happniess or love for her time, When I feel and see smile mummies in her face and lips that is my happiness. ❤️
    I can handle her feeling and care of chemistry her body to make her emotional feelings get warm and love and relaxing in my hug on bed all night or any time she request me, making her as a Queen in her wedding day and night I&#****;m ** years old , Interested you, If you want for serious and long term relationship OR As your boy friend privacy to you
    I wait your contact soon if you are interested me too
    My Hangouts is shadyspider*@*****.***
    My telegram username is @ShadyHonest
    My whatapps +************

  54. Ozemhoya Leonard says

    Sweetlove good morning, am Leonard ozemhoya , I based in abuja, am tall brown , I love to be your babe even more, am better in bed, let&#****;s chat on WhatsApp or call me on plus two three four eight zero nine three zero nine three three seven nine
    I hope to read from you soon sunshine,
    Faithfully Leo

  55. Md.Kauser says

    I want a gentle gentle life partner. Who will rate me when I evaluate my opinion. I do not like the game to play the game. Those who have such mentality will be far away. I will make all my love for a good friend.

    1. Raul Paul says

      hi I think you found me

  56. TENDAI says

    Greetings my lady i would like to thank you for the time you take to text to an ordinary servant who have never learn how to tie his own shoes the pleasure is all mine i&#****;m ready to embark the journey of true love together.Maybe you do have some principles you set aside when you chooses a servant to serve you as a Queen we can chat the pleasure is all your
    whatsapp : +************
    skype i.d : tendai tamisai

  57. Seyfedinn says

    Hey baby u are too beautiful you are young..not being with u looking at ur picture only make me happy.i wish u the world&#****;s happiness..if i can be with u it means creating new world my own world look babe i need u to make u happy i can make it ok if u are free too txt me on whatsapp viber or telegram here is my number+************ ur lover

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