Sugar Mummy in America Seeking For Marriage

Sugar Mummy in America
Sugar Mummy in America

A wealthy Sugar Mummy in America is seeking a guy for a serious relationship. This is for serious guys who are interested in marrying a 58 years old Woman based in the USA.

Meet BusinessWoman and Medical doctor, Lilian Morgan, a very rich sugar mummy in America seeking for Marriage with any young guy between the age of 28 years – 40 years old. Lilian Morgan has a very beautiful heart and wants to connect with a real man who is capable of taking good care of her.

If you are staying in America, good luck to you. But for guys who are not staying within the United States, then you should know that Mrs. Lilian wants a guy who can travel and meet her in the US. She promised to pay the Visa fee of any guy she picks from here.

Lilian Morgan is a BusinessWoman (Investor) and a certified medical doctor working at Bethel hospital at Chicago, USA. Lilian is called Lilly by close friends and associates. This beautiful and wealthy lady says she would love to marry an African man between the age of 28 to 40 years old who can hold up to matrimonial obligation and remain faithful to her.

Here is What Lilian Says She will Do.

Any guy who I pick from the comment section below, I will personally process your international passport and all necessary documentation for you to come down to the United States of America. If you are interested in changing your Nationality it’s up to you, because once you get married to me, a citizen of the United States, you won’t be harassed by immigration or forced to leave.

Admin, can you please connect me with a real guy who is decent and trustworthy, a guy who is capable of taking good care of my home and children when I am away for my work, which is usually shifts. I will grant you a salary allowance of 10,000 dollars per month and you can decide to work at my firm. I run a multi-million company which is located in Texas.

It is no hidden secret that the majority of capable young men in the African Continent dream is to travel to a greener pasture in the United States of America. When you marry this USA sugar mummy seeking for marriage, you will benefit a whole lot once you marry her and you will see a financial uplift in your life.


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How to get Sugar Mummy in America Seeking For Marriage.

Take note that this particular Chicago sugar Momma is so rich that she promised to pay the guy she picks steady $10,000 USD on a monthly basis and will be taking good care of you without you spending a dime on Accommodation, feeding, transportation, etc.

However, before this beautiful American sugar momma will contact you, kindly follow the below instruction to indicate that you are interested.

1. Ensure that you share this post on either WhatsApp, Twitter or LinkedIn using the share button below. Make sure that before sharing it, you must use your original and real picture as your profile picture to confirm that you are real.

2. Write a very brief description of yourself in the comments section, which must include your real name, phone number, height, age, country of origin and email.

Goodluck to anyone she picks!

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

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  1. Kerby Lineau says

    Hi there call me at+***********

  2. Albert says

    Hello , let her call me

  3. alinafe banda says

    I think I&#****;m here because of you and if you interested inbox me on ******** search nb sadibwa sanafe or *****&#****;..> nbsadibwasanafe**@*****.com

  4. Ebenezer Olendo says

    hi plz, how are you?
    I am very glad to talk to you and I need you My life to start a wonderful life together, so plz let us know each other well then&#****; I am very serious guy looking for a serious partner, so plz contact me on +************* or **********. thanks, let me hear from you&#****;.

  5. Sunday says

    Hello am sunday from nigeria searching for a sugar mummy who will love me and I promise to take care of her and do anything for her

  6. Albert says

    Hello there, am ** years looking for a sugarmumy who is ready to have me in long term.available anyday u need me.

  7. Kimanywenda Bosco says

    Kimanywenda Bosco from Uganda aged **years old the Pearl of Africa
    Am black with a height of *.*feet
    Athletic size but very strong
    +************/ *********
    Ready for you

  8. Walusimbi Shaban says

    Am ** years ready to be with u ************* is my what&#****;s app number

    1. Albert says

      Hello.what&#****;s up ********** or **********

  9. Juska says

    I am in Dubai from Cameroon +************

  10. Ziaur says

    I want you to be my wife

  11. Timothy says

    Hello there,
    Call me on plus two three four eight one two three seven four seven one three four.
    Guarantee, your life will never remain the same again.
    Waiting for your call.

  12. daniel says

    If she&#****;s for real let her contact me +************* and my name is Matthew Daniel

  13. Collins says

    Hello angel allow me to make you happy please call me +************ and my wattsapp number +*************

  14. Anderson Mshaughi says

    Hello I&#****;m Anderson from Kenya connect me with Sugarmummy ready for her . Thank you

  15. Ali says

    Hi gorgeous how are you. You looking so good. Beautiful. Cute like a angel come to heaven. I&#****;m interested in you.i love you till my last breath. Contact me my local and ******** number **************

  16. Ndam Tele says

    Hello Adim&#****; put me vai to her. I will be happy if u put me vai . my whatsap number is ±***********. Thank

  17. Ndam Tele says

    Hello Adim&#****; put me vai to miss lilain Morgan. I will be happy if u put me vai . my whatsap number is ±***********. Thank

  18. Jafari says

    Your Comment: Am Jafari Rashidi from Tanzania am still single looking for sugarmamma for longtime relationship which lead to marriage so accept me babe am realy want you. +************

  19. Victor Okafor says

    If this iis real connect me to the American lady. Am interested in having her

  20. Rizwan Pasha says

    Dr.Lilian Morgan. I agree with. Pls you contact my direct mobile number & same ******** number use.(+************). Very difficult to conversion admin.My **** id also sending you.(rpasha**@*****.com).I am waiting about your reply.I am also same your medical field

  21. Huzefa Mithaiwala says

    Hello dear suger mummy am very much interested with your proposal please hook me up am from India and am ** years old and am very honest and hardworking man please message me on my ******** number dear if you are interested on me then please+************ I will be waiting for your reply dear bye

  22. Bright says

    Alright i want you to be my wife too. So please contact me on +************

  23. Leo says

    Love you from Zimbabwe,if you&#****;re interested please call me on +************ or ********

  24. bhagchand says

    ws no **************

  25. Zuber Very Loving says

    HI Dr LILIAN MORGAN MY QUEEN OF FUTURE WIFE . how was your day ? It&#****;s nice to hear from you. I hope you are having a nice time as for me am cool and lonely. You sound nice and am very glad that I be come interested in each other. I do believe that we both have to be open hearts and well. Share our loneliness and love together if takes communication trust. Understanding and forgiveness will be made. Misunderstandings will occur but if the foundation is strong enough the relationship will over come others barriers.

    SWEETHEART my name is Zuber from Ethiopia, Addis Ababa city Single no have kids never married. I find very much peace and tranquillity there. Am mentally stable physically fit a bunch of laughs. Warm. Very loving. strong in bed very much. Am very hot person. Honest. Caring. GOD fearing person. Am very comfortable. Am optimistic and active kind and Honest person with a good sense of humour. Am seeking for a soul mate. Am seeking open women who is ready for marriage. Am looking for a committed partner who is ready to care and love me. Am a person who has a very strong desire for for a series relationship. it&#****;s so great to be together and love i hope. we both will live forever as one. Am really seeking a true love relationship and i pray if you Will show me love with trust. Am ready to be yours and believe in real love from the heart. Am seeking for a caring and for a passionate women who is ready for a seriouse and for a long term romantic relationship. I really easy person to talk and good listener. Am a family oriented and there is more. But if would be better for you to find something&#****;s out for yourself. Am very happy about you and sincere so as to know each other well. I really want BUILD strong foundation of relationship with you from my side.

    LOVELY believe me I really love you will be filled with substance quality spirituality and potential. I like to kiss and hug and cuddle. I want you to know that I need someone who wants only one women in his arms and I will be faithful to you and be there when you need an ear that listens. kissing you least expect it. I want you to know that I need someone who believes in the power of friendship and that like anything else. friendship require work and understanding honest. faithful caring person for friendship or Marriage MY QUEEN LOVE.

    SO HONEY if you interests please contact me on my private ******** number +two five one nine one two six six three three three four. for more we discusses there is better about ourself MY BOSS LOVE.


  26. Bright Coffie says

    I am Bright by name. I am a Ghanaian. I am ** years of age. I am ready to move and live with u without delay. U can reach me on my ******** number,+************. ****, brightkofi**@*****.com.

  27. Ali says

    Hi gorgeous how are you. You looking so good beautiful cute like a angel come to heaven I&#****;m interested in you contact me on what&#****;s app ************** .I&#****;ll love you till my last breath

  28. FRIDAY says


  29. Richard. says

    I will like to be with you. My name is Richard from Ghana, I&#****;m ** years and *.* feet tall. I&#****;m very gentle, humble and respectful. Exceptionally good in bed, loving, caring and also jovial. I&#****;m also a professional nurse who wish to work with you as well. My contact is +************.

  30. Nusrat khan says

    Hy I am nusrat khan from Pakistan if anyone needs my what&#****;s up so this is my number pls contact me but just serious relationship **************

  31. Bright says

    Yes i will marry you so please contact me on +************

  32. Theddy says

    Hello, I am young, energetic and visionary man from Africa but currently staying in Dubài. I am ** years of age. Reach me on +************

  33. Taha says

    My name is Taha Cherki im ** yers old but i look older im from morocco and im ***cm height&#****; my phone number is +************ .. and this is my *****: tahacherki*@*****.com &#****;. im really really really interested

  34. Felix Klu Norvisi says

    Hi babe, as i&#****;ll affectionately call u, i accept ur request and i&#****;m glad to be ur future partner. we can chat on messenger to know each other better.

  35. Moses Offei Gyekye says

    I&#****;m Moses Offei Gyekye from Ghana looking for a rich sugar mommy to offer me job and visa to come and stay and work with her as my lifetime partner. My ******** number is +************.And my @ **** address is gyekyeoffei**@*****.com

    I have been in this website for a long time searching for someone who is ready and real and have interest in me. And I came across LILIAN MORGAN a sugar mommy who base in USA CHICAGO i have been read about her comments and I with much interested in her and I have been accepted to her proposal. I&#****;m ever ready to locate me to be her sugar boy as well. I&#****;m young man of ** years of age. I am *.* inches tall with black in complexion .
    My profession is mining heavy equipment operator. I&#****;m very humble lovely carely understanding intelligent faithfull respect open minded fit in health God fearing heard working person and know how to treat my special one and people around me. I will happy to hear from the administer that I have been accepted by Lilian MORGAN.

  36. Mohamed says

    Hi how are iam mohamed from Egypt But I live in dubai now iam interested about you call me on this number **************

  37. OMONIYI says

    SEND ME Your FRIEND REQU OR +*************

  38. Andrew Hete says

    Hello u beautiful dr. My name is Andy been a medic **+ yrs have been looking for a lady like u for marriage in the bedroom u will be set free
    Andy Hete
    U won&#****;t go wrong here I cool wash clothes etc

  39. Noah aniekpeno says

    Hello how are you doing today I am looking forward to hooking up with you if don&#****;t mind I am ready to do anything within my power to satisfy you and make you happy contact me with +*************.

  40. Rizwan Pasha says

    Dr. Lilian Morgan.
    How are you.I agree & accept with you.I am Rizwan Pasha.Very difficult to chat with you admin.Pls you contact my direct mobile no & same ******** using i am. Chat you. My **** id also sending you now.(+************).(rpasha**@*****.com. Reply me. I waiting about your reply.


  41. David Rabuor says

    Hallo Dr. Lillian have been in the look out but hope this is the best match for me, ready to relocate and be with you forever.
    My contact is +************. Am the match over **yrs. And ready to hold my love tight with you.
    Waiting to hear you soon.

  42. sky eagle says

    Hello maam morgan im ** yrs old and serious to you..simple and honest person and most Gods fearing man&#****;i like u soo much&#****;this is my *****..boboysacrifice***@*****.com..this is my contact&#****;+************

  43. Kelli's molliki says

    Hello how are you doing? This is my contact,*********

  44. Amondok says

    Hi Lilian? I am Amondok Dengar from South Sudan ** years old never married.
    I supposed to share but the phone I am using can&#****;t support whatApp and other social media you mentioned above.

    I am really interested to get marry to you not because of greener pasture but because of good heart you have as you stated that you want someone who will be faithful to you.
    To let you know who am I, I don&#****;t drink or smoke. I am christian and my faith control me to love person as me.
    I only fear you of my safety.
    Below is my detailss.
    Name: Amondok Dengar.
    Nationality: South Sudanese
    Age: **
    Marital status: Single
    Mobile phone: +************
    *****: amondokdengar@*****.com

    I don&#****;t have whatApp number or a phone that support whatapp.

  45. muhammad fayaz says

    i m muhammad fayaz from pakistan,i want serious relationship with you,i will always make you very happy, my whatsaap,,**************, my *****,,,kingkhangee***@*****.com

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