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Sugar Lady in Malaysia

My name is Vicky sugar lady from Malaysia, am 27 years old, am from a rich home, friends call me Sugar Lady in Malaysia 2018, So i have decided to bring up online, Here is my number +601117000917

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

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  1. Kevin Raj says

    hi u look beautiful

  2. Obinna Edi says

    hello dear how are you feeling today I hope all is well I love ❤️ you 💕 so much baby 😘

  3. Manik says

    Are you searching for a rich sugar mummy who is ready to take good care of you in every aspect of your life,and in this new year season.if only you are good in bed what are you waiting for, search no more and get hookup immediately. contact me on rokcymanik@*****.com

  4. avneesh panwar says

    Hi dear how r u

  5. Aryan uddin says

    hi i am suhel from. bangladesh. my age.**+yours old.Actually I&#****;m looking for a good girl for a wedding.And marries him.I want to spend the rest of my life with him. We are all the best creatures of God&#****;s creation. The rich, the poor.  To me all are equal.  Because we&#****;re all human beings.It&#****;s not okay to hate each other.Love is God&#****;s creation,God created men for women.The money is there today. When die tomorrow.Life cannot be bought with money.But love will live forever.I&#****;m such a man.Looking  for it,Whom I want to love all my life,And I want to get all the l.I really want a life partner He just loves me,Not money,There will be no,Get any sought Only holy love will remain Until the last day of my life I want him dead in loveThank you from my heart.thank you to listen to me.Man on earth How long does it live??Minimum **-**years. But love lives on forever. Money cannot make people happy.Money can only cover the lack of food and clothes to wear.True love is never compared to money.I pray to God.After marriage my wife is like me.Until the last day of my life By giving my life to my wife.Not pretty or money. Because money can not save people&#****;s lives one day death will have to be incurred I&#****;m sincerely sorry. Forgive me if i hurt hangout. id.(aryanuddin***@*****.com) my what&#****;sApp number. (+*************)

  6. Rboy Rboy says

    My name is Ravi, I&#****;m looking life partner or sugar mummy malaysia

  7. Rboy Rboy says

    My name is Ravi, I&#****;m looking life partner or sugar mummy malaysia this is my personal phone number **********

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