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sugha mummi
sugha mummi

I have been used to the whole sugha mummi business but I would really love things to be kept very private for me. I am no longer married so it is not like I have a reputation I am protecting. Just that I do not want to be identified as someone who is into something like this quickly. I was married but my ex-husband and I had Seri0us issues so we had to go our ways. I use to base in the U.K but returned back home to establish something for myself but I still go there often and my kids are there too. I can be very much fun and funny when I need to be but if provoked, I can be quite aggressive.
I am not looking for anything Seri0us. I just want to be a sugha mummi. I just need a handsome, young man who will not mind to spend time with me and I don’t really mind if I have to pay him to do so. I need someone who is very handsome and caring. Someone really nice and loving. I don’t need a man who would want to be in a Relati0nship with me. I am done with all that drama. I just need someone who can make time and spend it with me, I don’t care about his marital status. I am not a jealous lady and don’t really care about sharing a man as long as he can be there for me when I want him to be.
Anyone interested in me should really be handsome to be able to have me. I would need to see your picture to confirm you’re real and I will also want you to send me your facebook id so I can confirm. I would want your number and BB pin so we can chat up.
Thanks very much Admin for posting me. I sent the card below and will send you what I promised as soon as I can.


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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

  1. Raheel Maher says

    I&#****;m interested I&#****;m with you long relationship I&#****;m from Abu Dhabi

    1. Balbron alane says

      Hello darling yes l am intresting about you m&#****;y name is balbron alane and m&#****;y Facebook is nzingabalbron

  2. Raheel Maher says

    my WhatsApp namber+************

    1. Hilton says

      hello pretty much

  3. Sadiq says

    I need a sugar mummy from Nigeria

  4. Babatunde Isaiah says

    Hi, am in if you want me

  5. Eugene Emil says

    Great lady

  6. Sean says

    You can get me facebook&#****;Sean Micheal Davis or ********** what&#****;s app number

  7. Anirudha Tarasia says

    I&#****;m always ready give a helping hand my whatsapp number **********

  8. Junaid Hanif says

    I am looking for a suger mummy

  9. Amos says

    ********** inbox me on watapp

  10. Danny says

    I want a sugar mummy, can u give me the WhatsApp number for sugar mummies please

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