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sugha mummi Liliana
sugha mummi Liliana

sugha mummi Liliana is a wealthy entrepreneur searching for a passionate gentleman who loves tourism, art and culture to be her companion and soulmate.

This is the message sugha mummi Liliana sent us….

My name is Liliana, I am a 50 years old doctor and entrepreneur seeking to meet a gentleman who I can build a real, Seri0us, long term and long lasting Relati0nship with. Someone who is Seri0us minded and trustworthy.

This sugha mummi Liliana is an influential and wealthy single lady who is just out here to find true love, happiness and joy. She just wants to feel truly loved, special, cared for and appreciated by the one she will choose to be with her.

She has been heart broken several times before by disloyal and unfaithful men, who took advantage of her generosity and trust. They gambled with her feelings, cheated on her and wasted the money she entrusted to them.

This is why sugha mummi Liliana has therefore decided to become friends with the person first, in order for them to create a healthy Relati0nship and see if they will be compatible with each other or not.

She is Seri0us and will leave no stone unturn to make sure you are content and happy with your life. sugha mummi Liliana will give you all the pleasres of this world and buy you anything money can afford, your family members will also be well taken care of by her.

She will sponsor your education to any level you want and in whichever country you prefer. All sugha mummi Liliana wants from you is for you to always be there to sisfy her needs and make her happy all the time, no matter her mood.

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  1. Judea says

    Am seriously in need of someone who can take care of my needs I promise loyal and faithful to her Whatsapp me +2348115336711

  2. Detlef Borgmann says

    Hey Lilliana, ich möchte Dich kennenlernen und bin sicher das ich Dir gefallen werde und wir beide viel Spaß haben werden!
    Mein Name ist Detlef Borgmann und ich lebe in vier sieben sechs fünf zwei Weeze Gocher Street five four, Germany NRW WhatsApp and Tel No. +. Four nine one five two three one seven three eight four two one! ♥️♥️🌈🌞🔥☘️🆗
    Ich werde alles tun um mit Dir eine Beziehung aufzubauen die glücklich und von Liebe und Freundschaft aus dem Herzen geprägt ist denn das ist meine Natur und vieles mehr Du wirst erstaunt sein was für tolle Männer es gibt sie sind leider seltener wie das Gegenteil, aber ich gehöre glücklicherweise zu ersteren!
    LG Detlef

  3. Linda says

    Hi dear,am interested in you for us to hang out…Please WhatsApp me 27810970364

  4. Kennedy says

    Hello dear

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