Can You Handle This Beautiful American Sugar Mummy – Click to Answer

A mature American lady in her fifty’s is interested in sparking up her life once more, with a young man for a long-term relationship. Tracy, who had taken a break from dating for a while, because she has never met her true love.
This beautiful American sugar mummy believes she can still find the man of her dreams who is honest, loyal, loving and caring, and wants to come back into the love game and she needs a man who can spice it up for her.

What the Beautiful American Sugar Mummy Said About Herself
I am a creative, active, energetic, noble and bright person, I never bow my head cause of attacks of ill fortune, and I’m in the firm belief that the Sun will always shine my way with gold beams.
I am an extremely reliable friend, and at the same time, I am a stern competitor. I am smart and have a great intuition. Resolutely enough I finish all my projects. I like to go see movies at the cinemas, hang out with friends, love to cook, maybe you will get to eat a meal made by me, one day.
Failure is not for me, and although I am calm at heart, I make a decision rather fast. I gladden eyes with beauty like a pretty rose, but sometimes I prick. You can’t take me so quickly! Although if you look closely at me, my thorns are only defense for me. It is impossible without them in our difficult time.

What the Beautiful American Sugar Mummy wants in a Man
This distance that separates us is a mere speck of dust in the immensity of our love. If you fall in love with me, I promise not to make you cry that is the most important thing; I’m going to respect you as mom did with my father, It is more important to be faithful than to dress elegantly.
I am looking for a man who can take care of himself, who makes his own decisions, who knows how to say yes and no when necessary.
I don’t want a guy who is in constant need of tranquility, help, motivation, and consolation, no woman wants it. Oh, I want to kiss you, I want to love you Feeling that I love you, I love you, I love you Sleep calm, feel important.

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If you find this beautiful American sugar mummy exciting and want to hook up with her, please, drop your comments and contacts below. Remember, you must tell her how you intend to treat her in the proposed relationship and make her feel good.

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