Baby Mama In Sierra Leone Urgently Needs a Sugar Boy

Baby mama in Sierra Leone
Baby mama in Sierra Leone

A rich baby mama in Sierra Leone is seriously seeking to meet a vibrant, hot and energetic young man, someone who is daring, romantic, straightforward and genuine to be her lover and boyfriend.

She does not care about the continent or country you come from, the language you speak, what you do for a living, your race, religion or culture. All this baby mama wants is a loyal and humble person to make her feel loved, special and appreciated.

This is the message baby mama in Sierra Leone sent us….

Hello there, my name is Antonia and I am a pilot in her early 30s. I love to meet people and make new friends. I love to explore and learn new things. I can sing, dance, cook and I joke a lot.

I always want to be happy, that’s why am looking for a man who knows the worth and value of having a good woman by his side. This baby mama wants someone who won’t mistreat or hurt her in anyway, be it with actions or with words.

Baby mama in Sierra Leone further said; she needs an honest young man, who is fun to be with, open-minded, high-spirited, lively and funny.

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This baby mama in Sierra Leone is looking for a serious-minded person who knows what he wants in life, someone I could share my world with, a caring and understanding man who would love me for who I am and make me part and parcel of his life.

I am a woman of protocol and wouldn’t tolerant any form of delay, disrespect or disloyalty from my man. I need someone who can detect what a woman needs at any given time, a man who knows the true meaning of love making, romance and hot sex.

This beautiful and obviously sexy baby mama in Sierra Leone is ready to spend and take care of the chosen young man who will be willing to be hers alone, thrill her romantically and satisfy her sexually anytime and anywhere she is in need of it.

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

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  1. Hasibul says

    Please contact through WhatsApp or by call.

  2. Lucky says

    hi. my name is Lucky. my contact number is +*********** call or watsup.

  3. Michael says

    Hello dear,
    Am Michael, **yrs from Ghana. Am really interested in you and looking forward in meeting with you, am ready to move on in life with you, also to share with you your sad and happy moments together, I will love and cherish you, be by yourside at all times and I don&#****;t care wherever you want me to be with you. Give me the chance to prove myself to you and you will never regret it. Please contact me on +************

    1. Selva says

      Hi I am Selva my age **.i am now in sharjah uae. I am ready to stay and meet with you I am good in bed and love with my phone number +************.and my what s up number also please kindly reply for me message

  4. Shady says

    I&#****;m interested in you 😊 and want you mummy
    I hope meet you as soon as possible
    My contact is WhatsApp is +***********
    Telegram is @,shadyhonest

    1. Tauno says

      +************* iam looking for sugar mamie all over the world iam willing to travel iam in Namibia Africa she must willing to support me and i respect woman so much you wont regret having me get my number and call or whatsapp me

  5. solomon says

    i need u

  6. Mpanuka Bashir says

    Hi Antonia, am Mpan**a from uganda. I&#****;ve liked you baibie, I can&#****;t day much here but if your interested please contact me and we shall know more about each other. My Tel. No. +************ and my email. Mpan**[email protected]*****.***

    1. sajjad says


    2. Lucky says

      Call me **************

  7. John Rodrigues says

    Hello dear, this is John Rodrigues , I am a straight forward, honest, loving, caring, romantic, understanding and a God fearing Christian, I am down to earth, I am alone and ready to relocate ASAP, I promise you that I will not let you down and you will not regret, I believe in one man woman, I have been searching for a serious life partner white is very difficult to find
    Watts app + ** *** *** ****
    Hangouts johnrodrigues***@*****.***

  8. shema chris says

    hi,can we be friend and know more about our lives my name is Christian,** year old from Rwanda Kigali city
    finished highschool,in * language French and English if you want to know more about me call or whatsaap me on +************
    or e-mail me on
    thanks and stay cool!!!

  9. Huzefa Mithaiwala says

    Hello dear suger mummy am very much interested with your proposal please hook me up am from India and am ** years old and am very honest and hardworking man please message me on my WhatsApp number dear if you are interested on me then please,+************ I will be waiting for your reply dear bye

  10. Peter says

    Hallo am Peter am in Kenya I would like to meet with you my email [email protected]*****.***

  11. Zhbair says

    Hi my whatsapp no is ***********

  12. Nelson says

    Am Nelson Elvis&#****;. Living in Ghana location Accra **years guy looking for a serious relationship with a sugar mummy to marry me please WhatsApp me now or contact me now am ready to meet you anywhere in Ghana please +************

  13. Sodiq Damilare says

    Am Damilare, +************* contact me on what&#****;sapp

  14. Wonder Cudjoe says

    That is my WhatsApp number or call me. , +********&***

  15. Ozemhoya Leonard says

    Yes babe we in, am interested let&#****;s get married, callme let tolk on plus&#****;s two three four eight zero nine three zero nine three three seven nine, +*************
    Faithfully Leo

  16. Wonder Cudjoe says

    That is my WhatsApp number or call me. , +********&*** am Wonder Cudjo. Thanks.

  17. Momoh Isah Echioda says

    Am Nigerian, good looking,tall and you will luv what I have, just call or Whatsapp me +*************

  18. blessings says

    am very interested and am already in love with beautiful face drives me crazy I want to make you mine&#****;am from malawi seriously I can handle you&#****;&#****;********** thats my number am ready

  19. blessings says

    I can marry you if you choose me..

  20. Wonder Cudjoe says

    ,,+************ or email wonderkorkor*@*****.*** WhatsApp number or call me am Wonder Cudjo

  21. Wonder Cudjoe says

    ,,+************ or email wonderkorkor*@*****.*** WhatsApp number or call me am Wonder Cudjo thanks

  22. [email protected] says

    Your ***ment

  23. vivawe says

    HELLO cute am interested in u .my whatsapp #is +***********

  24. Koya says


    Can you email me so that we can talk better.

  25. Koya says

    Can you email me so that we can talk better.

  26. Selva says

    Hi I am Selva my age **. I am now in sharjah uae. I am ready to stay and meet and marry with you. I am good in bed and love with you. My phone number +************.and what s up number also please kindly reply for me message 👶

  27. Major lazer says

    Hello mum this is major lazer talking I understand people good in caring so cool an calm contact +************

  28. Ozemhoya Leonard says

    Sweetheart I am still waiting on you

  29. Takesure says

    Interested, mummy, humble, obedient, loyal, reliable, trustworthy, social, friendly, courageous, romantic, energetic, full of love and care,true love of agape full of joy and happiness, everlasting love, my WhatsApp number +************,l am poor but rich in mind ,black in ***pletion from Zimbabwe ,my number plus two six four eight one seven six six zero two eight four, stay blessed

    1. Fitsume Legesse says

      Hi How are you looking nice peresen

      1. Hervin says

        Hello i will marry youi will treat you like a lady i will take good care of you my what&#****;s app number is ********** my email adress is [email protected]*****.*** and my name is Hervin

  30. abubakar says

    tank you ,iaccepte to marry you but call me am ready

  31. Charles mubare says

    If you allow me I&#****;m here

  32. Ivan junior says

    +*********** is my whatsap contact

  33. Wonder Cudjoe says

    Hi my beautiful queen I accepted your marriage here is my WhatsApp number or call +************ or email me wonderkorkor*@*****.*** now thanks babe I love you so much.

  34. Iqmal Khuzri says

    Call me ***********

  35. Iqmal Khuzri says

    Six zero one two six double two eight zero three four

  36. Abdi said kaib says

    My baby mama Sierra Leone I want to Mary after here my whassap number +*********** contact me my baby

  37. Sagar Upadhyay says

    Hi dear
    My vwhatsspp number+************

  38. Ozemhoya Leonard says

    Mummy my love, how are u this morning, am Leo tall calm loveib
    Please m plus&#****;s two three four eight zero nine three zero nine three three seven nine..+*************

    Faithfully Leo

  39. Naveed ansari says

    Hi baby how r u doing am ready for everything pls whatsapp me .+************

  40. Oscar says

    Hie beautiful lady hit me at [email protected]*****.***

  41. Kunal says

    bedaremangesh*@*****.*** mail me personally please

  42. Sagar Upadhyay says

    Hello dear Baby mama in Sierra Leone,,, how are your nights and days recently. I hope that you are doing well in your work schedule with happy and healthy&#****; God bless you my sweet heart&#****; I have read your message with carefully so I am interested in you.. I am ready to be your life partner,, soulmate, lover as a serious long lasting and long term relationship with you.. U want to change my life and destiny&#****; I am ready to relocate ASAP. I have no greed for money although money is important&#****;
    I promise you that I will not let you down,, you will not regret,, will not betray you,, will not hurt you,, will not speak lie with you, will not cheat you,, will not disappoint you during life time after our relationship.. I believe in one man woman.. I will marry with you. I really good take care of you with all my hearts and minds. I will give you all the love you need which is my true love and happiness. I can handle you emotionally with respect.. I will treat you like lady Queen.. I am poor but I have rich mind.
    I know how to treat you well, make you happy why I would cherish and love you.. I would satisfy your needs in bed which you want from me. I would kiss your warm lips. I will give you a better space in my heart where God Jesus and mother Mary who blessed us life time&#****;. We are made for each other sweet heart&#****; I would wet you ***pletely with my love. U make happy and feel ***fortable like heaven why I am not bad in bed&#****; I am capable for satisfying you physically.. I am doing it well with love and respect.
    When you give me perfect support, I hugs and cuddle you tightly and don&#****;t leave you alone from me till morning&#****; If you make to request me we enjoy whole night everytime and everywhere&#****;. Which is wonderful for both of us&#****; If you want for serious and long term relationship with me or As your boy friend privacy to you&#****;. I will wait your contact soon if you are Interested in me too&#****;&#****;..
    ##my email address
    ## telegram username&#****;
    ## My WhatsApp number&#****;
    +************ ( India🇮🇳))))))))))))))))
    Yours forever faithfully
    Sagar Upadhyay

  43. danyy says


  44. Stanley Banda says

    Hi dear, its so surprising to have a talk with a beautiful princess like you and if that happen it will a turning point of anything and everything to do with positive development of my life.
    Well I&#****;m a man aged ** from Lusaka Zambia here in Africa and I&#****;m interested in you beautiful princess.
    I&#****;m by nature honest,responsible, sincere, homble with good sense of humour,reliable and ***mitted to my interests and respect others. I&#****;m not perfect and believe that with the inspiration of love,there&#****;s much more positive development that can ***e out of me.
    Ready for love and hope to give it all heatedly, cause from there hope Not to love again. Please call me on +************..

  45. Prince J Lawrence Macbenson Chongo says

    Whatsapp me on +************

  46. Brian says

    Hi dear I&#****;m african and we can discuss about it this is my WhatsApp +************

  47. abuba-kar Habu says

    i accepte to marry you but you can send me your adress or call me on +************ Thenkes

  48. abuba-kar Habu says

    i accepte to marry you but you can send me your adress or call me on+************ Thenkes

  49. Sagar Upadhyay says

    Hi dear&#****;. Baby mama in Sierra&#****;&#****;
    I have got your message second time&#****; U read my first ***ment? U said me that I marry with you&#****; U will give me $ ***** monthly.. Yes I will marry with you darling&#****; I have missed you so much.. I would to like love you.. I would satisfy your needs in bed which you want from me
    Why I am capable for satisfying you ***pletely&#****; I would spend of my life with you. dear.
    Your forever faithful
    Sagar upadhyay
    My WhatsApp number+************ ( 🇮🇳India)))))

  50. James says

    Hi am a young man looking for a sugar mummy to marry. who I can give the attention she may need ,I premise to love ,care and protect her at all cost I will naver Make her fell lonely I will be their for her this I promise .if only she can help me financial and love me also, I will naver Chet on her. if you are interested here is my personal information. my her name on Facebook is James thee boss Mulenga or WhatsApp line is +************ or text me by ***** trifall.mulenga**@*****.***

    1. Sagar Upadhyay says

      Hi dear💕
      I am from India🇮🇳
      My WhatsApp number+ ************ ( India)

  51. Siyabulela says

    Greetings my love my name is Siyabulela (Siya) cola.I am South African from Port Elizabeth I&#****;m single guy humble,hard worker, respectful, fear God, simple guy looking for love I need sugarmummy my contact ********** also what&#****;s app number Instagram Siyabulela ***.

  52. Emmanuel says

    Am interested

  53. Olamide says

    Am interested

  54. Samba camar says

    Hi baby I&#****;m single and am serious if you interested in message me or call my WhatsApp number ************ &#****;. ** years old

  55. Md boktiar uddin says

    Hi my sweet heart how are you? I am boktiar uddin from bangladesh i am interesting with you please contact me boktiaruddin*@*****.*** I am waiting for you i am really like you and I live with you, l love you so much babe

  56. Sagar Upadhyay says

    Hi dear I am Sagar upadhyay.. I said you before many information&#****;. But you don&#****;t message me on WhatsApp? Sugar mummy. net co said to visitors that you inform in * days&#****; But they don&#****;t message & inform visitors&#****; What do they do recently?
    My WhatsApp number+************ ( India🇮🇳))))

  57. Abideen A says

    Inbox me on WhatsApp +*************

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